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The Height Of Modern Glamour In Your Home

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Whenever you feel the need to upgrade and glam up your home, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what is your ideal home should look like? What is your favorite home décor showroom? While you may come up with various names for this matter, think about which really inspires you for that glamorous look. All homeowners want the glamour in their homes, without having to purchase everything that’s displayed in the showroom. Yes that thought is completely comprehensible. So how can you achieve this look? Here’s how to do it.
Go metalYes, you may have noticed that these home décor showrooms have more than a hint of metal displayed in them. This emphasis on metal is need for you to achieve that glamour look. It’s also one way to achieve the mirror look without having to attach too many mirrors in your living room. Fixing too many mirrors can be quite disturbing and over kill the overall look you’re trying to achieve, but this wouldn’t be a problem by placing metallic objects as décor around your home. For instance you can place metallic vases on top of wooden cabinets for living room.
Go for soft candle romanceCandles and more candles are sure to do the trick in glamourizing up your home. Notice the soft lighting that emits from candles when you walk in to hotels and home décor stores, play it safe by setting it up in spaces where it will make your living room feel more luxurious. Level it up placing tall candelabras on top of wooden cabinets for living rooms and light up those lovely candles for romantic lighting.
Patterns play it allGeometric designs and damask prints go well together. However don’t go overboard unless you want your home to look too distracting to the overall aesthetics. Glamorous doesn’t mean an overdose of patterns. Therefore have a special attention for texture more than pattern. It’s sure to win you over, check this modern furniture in Hong Kong.
Let your pillows do the talkingPile up on different textures of pillows. In empty spaces, pillow has the ability to remain the star player. Layer your luscious sofas with pillows in different sizes, colors and textures for a wild spin. If you have earthy colored sofas you can glam it up with simple white pillows in different textures. If you have white sofas place pillows in contrasting colors. Most modern homes have zero clutter. So make sure you keep disposing items that you don’t need or haven’t used for a certain period of time.