Spectacular Lighting Options For Any Room

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Spectacular Lighting Options For Any Room

August 20, 2015 Home Improvements 0

No matter how beautifully decorated any room is, it can only be accented with proper lighting, and there are many brands to choose from. One of the leading designer lighting brands in the U.K., lee broom lighting was established in 2007 and features the Crystal Bulb as the star of this designer lighting line. The bulb comes in two versions: clear and frosted. Its beauty lies in the traditional handcrafting techniques that go into the making of each and every one, while the crystal patterns of whiskey decanters and glasses are its source of inspiration. Priced at around $250, this bulb goes perfectly into any 220-240v or 110-130v lamp fitting, standard wall or ceiling fitting, and the possibilities don’t end there. The crystal bulb is so aesthetic that you can use it on its own, with no need of lamps, and you can also pair several crystal bulbs together to form stunning clusters. Of course, it can also be fitted beneath a light shade when you prefer a dimmer atmosphere. Made of lead crystal, the bulb is not only beautiful, it is also practical and fully functional, just like any regular bulb.

Other lighting products

Other lee broom lighting products include ring lights, table lamps, floor lamps and tripod floor lamps – at 1675 mm tall, the jute shade floor lamp towers over a base of stainless steel and gemelina wood to softly illuminate the entire room. Slim line pendants and wall pendants are other items to be found in this UK collection, as is a mix of bulbs and pendants, hung either one of each or in clusters. For example, you can fit a Crystal Bulb into a brushed brass pendant that comes with a brass ceiling rose and a 2m gold fabric cable; this simple, yet elegant pendant further emphasizes the beauty of the bulb and will surely match the atmosphere of any stylish room.

Other products include the tulip, bell, and square decanter lights inspired by the vintage decanters that can be found in flea markets. The decanter lights in this collection are made from lead crystal and are hand cut, and each is sold with its own gold fabric cable. While one decanter light is spectacular, hanging them in clusters will create a stunning warm light centerpiece. There are also tube lights made from exquisite Carrara marble, fitted with one LED strip on the inside and with brushed brass bands at each end to give off the appearance of a stone that is glowing. Each tube light is handcrafted and unique due to the particularities of each piece of marble.