Multi Functional Furniture Pieces

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Multi Functional Furniture Pieces

September 16, 2015 Home Improvements 0

Nowadays it is rare when one comes across a furniture piece that is not designed for performing more than one function. Tables act as step ladders while coffee tables have space for books below. Ottomans have storage space inside and so do sofa sets and beds. Indeed, with apartments and homes becoming smaller, more and more space saving ideas are being explored among furniture designs. Here is some space saving furniture items that you could add to your new apartment or home.

Living room seats and couches For most apartments and homes, living room décor becomes a challenge. That is mainly because of the small space within which a homeowner needs to accommodate a sofa set or a chaise lounge with seating capacity of four to six people in the space. For these reasons, one can invest in a storage ottoman. These are stylish seating options, albeit without a backrest, but come in attractive designs and covers and double as storage trunks as well. Made of lightweight materials, they are easier to lift and move around, unlike a vintage trunk. At the same time, the look and feel of the ottoman can add a stylish element to any ordinary living space.

Coffee tables cum bookcases You might love to read and show off your possessions to your guests, but limitations of space might prevent that from happening. You could either opt for a bookcase that will be placed on the wall, thus freeing up floor space or opt for a glass topped coffee table that comes with space below the top where you can store décor items or books. For keeping away extra items that cram a living room space, one can make use of the ottomans sydney, know more at

Pull out couches For homes that are restricted by one bedroom will surely make much use of a pullout couch. These come in varied designs and in different forms. One can choose from a sofa bed, a lounge set or a pull out couch as per one’s tastes, space availability and budget range. Adding this kind of a versatile furniture item helps one’s home to be equipped for accommodating visitors who might stay overnight.

Use of bedroom closet spaces There can be innovative space saving ideas that are integrated in the design of wardrobes and cabinets as well. Many bedroom wardrobes can accommodate an iron board that can be stacked away. Some wardrobes come with concealed space for storing shoes as well. Thus, opening up maximum floor space for a small bedroom. These are some of the several space saving ideas that are incorporated in furniture designs and furnishing ideas for modern homes and apartments.