How To Organize Your Pantry

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How To Organize Your Pantry

September 15, 2017 Home Improvements 0

How important is it to you to ensure that the pantry of your home is a clean and appealing one? Chances are that it is at the top of your list. After all this is where you will prepare your meals and enjoy them as well so it is best to make sure that you keep it neat and organized at all times. Here are some great ways to do this that will not cost you money or too much time.

Get motivated to do it

You cannot do anything if you are not motivated to do so. Even if it is something as simple as cleaning out your flat pack cabinet, you will need purpose to do it right. Know that organizing your pantry will save you a lot of time and a lot of money and that it will also indirectly point you towards a healthier eating pattern. While you are cleaning out your pantry you will come face to face with your shopping cooking as well as eating habits which you can then alter if you see that they are unhealthy.

Start de-cluttering one shelf at a time

The first step to all of this big cleaning is to start by de-cluttering one shelf at a time. It’s simple, having only what you really need in your good kitchen wall cabinets mean that you will find it much easier to get around the area and do your work more efficiently. It will also mean that you know what exactly is available and therefore will not end up wasting food because you forgot that there was a box of quinoa stuck at the back of the shelf way above your reach.

Sort everything in there

First of all, line everything on a table so that you know exactly what is available. You can then sort out food items that can be stored together and divide them accordingly. For example you can allocate the items that you would be using frequently in areas that can be reached easily. You can also keep things that have a longer shelf life separately and use things that will spoil sooner which means that you will no longer be wasting your food or your money.

Opt for the right storage options

The right storage can really do you big favours when it comes to your pantry. Make sure that every option you choose is something that is practical and affordable and also gives you the maximum benefit of space. It may sound impossible but that is not the case and you can definitely find the right solution if you know where you have to look for it.