How To Ensure Good Posture To Prevent Back Pain

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How To Ensure Good Posture To Prevent Back Pain

February 12, 2016 Home Improvements 0

Back pain has become a common complaint of many young adults and men and women of working age. The accounts of upper and lower back pain have become more widespread within the past few years. Lack of exercise or suffering from a post-accident illness that caused damage to your spine may be the reason why you suffer from a backache. The main reason for back pain has been found to be incorrect posture. What starts up as a sharp pain in the small of your back a few times a day can escalate over time into something much more serious such as the curvature of the spine, tightening of blood vessels and the contraction of nerves if you do not correct yourself when it comes to the posture of your body while performing day to day activities. So take a look at some of the ways in which you can ensure that your body has a good posture as you go about your day;

Make Sure That You Are Sleeping Comfortably

Sleeping on a pillow and mattress that does properly support your back can easily be the cause of back pain and discomfort. Change your pillow and mattress if you do not feel comfortable sleeping on them. You will be able to find a latex mattress for sale which will properly support your back and prevent bad posture while sleeping.

Finding an affordable and firm latex mattress for sale will ensure that you are able to cozily sleep without causing any damage to your spine and waking up with an aching back. Try as much as possible to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it prevents the spine from being properly aligned and supported.

Sit Up Straight but Not for Too Long

Avoid slouching while seated. Hunched shoulders and a drooping neck can result in your spine not being properly supported and can lead to back pain. Arrange your chair in the upright position with the bend at your pelvis being at a ninety-degree angle while seated. Especially while you are at work, make sure that your computer or laptop is placed at eye level and that you do not have to look too high up or too low in order to look at the computer screen. Also, try to avoid remaining seated for several hours at end. Change your position regularly in order to give your spine room to adjust. If you cannot avoid being in a seated position as the type pf work you do restricts you from moving around much, make sure that your office chair supports your back well and that you maintain a good posture while seated.

Be Conscious of Your Stance While Lifting or Carrying

It is very important to be careful with your posture when you lift or carry a heavy object. Be sure to place your feet in line with your hips and bend your knees while lifting. Try to use your biceps, triceps, calves and abdominal muscles when supporting the lift rather than your back muscles. Also be sure to hold the object close to your torso while carrying. Remembering to follow these simple tips will ensure that you are able to lift and carry something heavy without straining or injuring your back.