Floor Stripping Procedure In Easy Steps For You

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Floor Stripping Procedure In Easy Steps For You

September 12, 2018 Home Improvements 0

Floor Stripping 
In all walks of life, your professionalism could always be a distinguishing factor in your success. Even when you can’t take care of your own home, office or any place that you’d like to take care of, we will be here to do the cleaning for you to give you and your friends an environment that’s safe and healthy for your health. There are a number of reasons as to why you should be careful about your health, but let’s not talk about what you already know or have some idea about. Let’s dedicate this one to learning about how to clean our own floor. While thinking about floor stripping, be mindful of the following steps: 

  1. Be careful while choosing the products  
    Whatever your decide to use for your floor cleanup, first try a bit of that solution of chemical on a small piece of your floor to see the results. Make sure they are suitable for your entire floor and do not destroy or harm it in any way. Contact the supplier company to ask about the product’s suitability for your floor. Also, go through the instructions mentioned on the back of the floor cleaning product to be sure of its safe usage. 
  1. Take care of your equipment 
    If you are cleaning your house’s floor then it might be okay if you are not putting up a ‘wet floor’ sign, but if you are based in a commercial setting, then its best to raise that sign on the floor you are cleaning so that nobody falls down and sues you for a hefty amount as compensation. Also, you need to make sure all your equipment is in place. Moreover, make sure you are not using the same equipment for two different chemicals. Its better if you clean your stripping equipment of one chemical before using it for the second.  
  1. Spread the solution for stripping 
    Now, spread the solution on the vinyl floor cleaning in Brisbane and wait for the time it is recommended to wait. Mostly its about five minutes but make sure the chemicals don’t dry.  
  1. Scrub with machine 
    Alright, now you are required to place the stripping pad beneath the machine and start the scrubbing, of course lengthwise.  
  1. Dirty solution should be picked up 
    Using a vacuum that’s vet should be best to remove the solution off the floor. The solution must never be let to dry on the floor.  
  1. Rinse and let it dry  
    A mop and clean water will be best now. You may add a neutralizer (stripping). Clean and then wet vacuum could be used to clean and let it dry.  


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