Converting Your Home In To A Guest House

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Converting Your Home In To A Guest House

January 5, 2016 Home Improvements 0

If you have a home that is in an interesting area such near a beach or by a tourist destination, you could very well be sitting on a white elephant. Tourists are usually willing to pay a lot of money for accommodation in a tourist destination and if you consider turning your home in to a small guest house, you could be minting money. Of course, you can live in the house too as long as you are not very strict about your privacy. In fact, you can convert a part of your home in to a guest house while partitioning an area for yourself to live with your family, therefore retaining a bit of your privacy.

Changes you will need to do

While most guests’ houses and villas are basically houses anyways, however, you will need to make some basic renovations and redesigns to make it more comfortable for your guest. For example, you may need to do some bathroom renovations as most guests will prefer to have an in room bathroom and therefore, you may need to have a bathroom made in side of each room.

Of course when doing your bathroom renovations, tell your builder that you’re in room bathroom does not have to be very big. In fact, it can be a small compact basic bathroom, where the guest will have the choice of using the in room bathroom or using the one outside which is bigger and more comfortable.

In addition to a bathroom, it would be nice to give your guests as much privacy as you possibly can and therefore although not essential, it would be useful to give as many rooms as possible the option of having a separate entrance to the outside. If you have a beach front near your home, then have the outside entrance made towards the beach to give your guests an amazing experience of a morning beach walk in privacy.

You will need to be able to give your guests at least their morning coffee and their breakfast if you choose to have a bed and breakfast guest house. Of course, you do not need to do anything fancy, you can simply serve up your country’s traditional cuisine however, the food will need to be tasty. If you do not know how to cook well, you will need to hire a chef or at least a village lady who will be able to come in and prepare meals for your guests every morning. If you choose to have a half board or a full board guest house, then, you will possibly need to hire a professional chef.