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5 Tips To Make Gardening Easier

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For some people their gardens are the pride and job during the summer months. The pretty flowers and perfectly mowed yard ends up giving the boost of happiness for most. But keeping up with the garden growth is another matter. You need to keep weeding, mowing, making sure your plants are not infected, keep track of fruits if you have some and et cetera. Here are some tips you can try out this summer to make it a little bit easier.
Start the compost run weeks before
Usually the soils absorbing capacity depends in the area you live it, but a general rule about garden maintenance Sydney is to start preparing soil weeks before you plant anything. Compost or fertilizer of any kind takes a while to be embedded into earth properly.
Use homemade fertilizer and nutrients
Try making the fertilizers and use natural ingredients for the fruits and flowers. Here are some you can try;
●    Using ground eggshells will give calcium; tomatoes and pepper thrive on calcium
●    Banana peels provide potassium (especially good for roses)
●    Coffee grounds are good for acid lovers like tomatoes, blueberries, roses and azaleas
●    Weeds can be dried and chopped up and sprinkled
●    Tea bags increase soil microbes, it is better if you can compost the tea bags first before you use them and also make sure not to put the plastic lined tea bag end on the plants
Natural keep out signs for pets
Pets, and voles and rabbits and other occasional wildlife, have a tendency to dig out fresh dirt and make their fecal mark or use the plants as a food source and get in the way of proper landscapers Sydney North Shore. When you have bought and planted that beautiful and much anticipated strawberry plant and check it hours later to see it face down can bring out the dark side in anyone. Try using plastic forks and strong natural smellers like orange rinds and grapefruit around the beds. Or you can try a more evil method of motion activated sprinkler systems.
Do not use synthesized ingredients like mothballs and other things as they will add toxicity to the plants.  
Conserving space
If you have a small garden and want to get some vines (fruits or vegetables) then investing in some vertical trellis or fences are good methods of adjusting spacing. Watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vining vegetables can be then woven around the vertical holder when they are growing. It will give your garden a beautiful and luscious look too.
Keep your herbs growing
If you have an herb garden around then you need to encourage new leaves to grow frequently to get more green material for use. Pinching the tips of the leaves (take off stems) to make your plant grow multiple new buds. This can be used for other varieties too as plants are inclined to produce multiple buds to cover up the hindering of one.
Gardening is a good method to keep your house looking great, give you a hobby to attain some peace and also give you fresh organic produce that will taste amazing. Always keep up with the garden and make sure to keep plants healthy and watered.