5 Tips To Keep Your Home Warmer In Winters

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5 Tips To Keep Your Home Warmer In Winters

September 3, 2015 Renovation & Design 0


Winters are about to be hear and almost everyone is thinking of ways to keep their home warm. You spend thousands of dollars every winter to keep warm. But if you bring some changes this year, you could be saving at least a few thousand dollars on your heating costs.

1. Install Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains can help in preventing heat from escaping. Do you know that almost 30-40% of the heat lost from homes during winters is from the windows which are not covered? Install lined and heavy curtains that stretch across the frame of the window to insulate them. This will help keep much of the warmth inside. You can also have your own kitset homes designed for winters based on your preferences.

2. Install Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will play a key role in keeping your heating costs in control. There is no need for you to make manual adjustments to your thermostat. A smart system can take care of your heating needs without concern whether you are at home or not. In typical kitset homes Hamilton, homeowners can design all their requirements including programmable thermostats.

You can make adjustments based on the amount of time your family spends in home and outdoors and save on energy costs. It will also mean that you are keeping your home warm only when you need it, thus increasing the efficiency of your heating system.

3. Allow Natural Light

If you want to keep your home warmer without spending too much on heating, it is recommended to allow natural light to come in during daytime. The sun is your best option for allowing maximum possible free heat into your home. It is recommended to design and build in a way that natural light falls in without any hindrance. Leave all the curtains open on sunny days.

4. Seal all the Cracks & Gaps

Do you know that in a typical home if you add up all the gaps and cracks, the total open area will be the size of a small window? Imagine the amount of heat you could be losing from your home. You could be losing up to 20% of heat from these gaps. It is recommended to find all such cracks and seal them. You can do it yourself with weather stripping and gap fillers. Even the door bottoms should be sealed properly.

5. Close all Out of Use Rooms

If you have rooms which are not in use, make sure they are closed and the doors are properly sealed for any gaps. It is also recommended to have doors at the right places to keep the heat within your living space. It will be best to switch off the heating system in all the empty rooms.