4 Tips On Starting A Container Garden

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4 Tips On Starting A Container Garden

November 5, 2015 Home Improvements 0

You might be looking at ways of starting a container garden. There are several options out there for you choose from too. You will have to invest in some plants of different colors and sizes. You will also have to focus on buying the right tools in order to complete the job on time too. Here are some tips on how you can start your very own vegetation unit in containers or buckets:

Start the garden space with herbs

It is important that you start the space with some herbs. You can grow tomatoes and squashes later. They are expensive at the grocery store but you will have to pay only for the seeds to grow them at home. You can keep them on your porch or patio and cut off a little bit at a time when you need to use some. You can also keep some rosemary and mint on the side for use. They will work well in large pots or containers. Start small and build as you go along. You can grow some thyme and oregano which will add a lot of flavor to your pizza or pasta too! You can even try growing some in garden pots https://www.potswholesaledirect.com.au  and place them indoors in a courtyard space. Some herbs need more water like rosemary and thyme while parsley will need very little to flourish.

Grow some lettuce!
Lettuce is a good food source. Lettuce and several other green plants grow back once you cut them off from the top. You can pick a low or shallow tray and plant some lettuce seeds. In two weeks you can cut the leaves out and use some of it in a nicoise or caesar salad for an extra punch! You can even stir fry other greens and arugula for a spicy green meal. Keep in mind to water the tray of lettuce as it can dry out fast!

Use big pots

It is crucial that you use large garden pots and discover more by browsing our site or any other big pot you can find. Small plastic containers are good too but you will have to spend time replanting them.  You can even get big varied quantity of plants as well. You must try to plant at least 3 per herb jar which will look great when you look at it from your counter.

Think about lighting

It is important that you have your lighting figured out! Think about whether your plants bloom during what period of time. You must think about the times when it is bright and when there will be a lot of shade too. You must try to move the containers accordingly around the space. Plants like basil, strawberries and tomatoes will need a lot of sun.

Think about starting a small container garden first before you branch out into a bigger space!