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The Height Of Modern Glamour In Your Home

Whenever you feel the need to upgrade and glam up your home, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what is your ideal home should look like? What is your favorite home décor showroom? While you may come up with various names for this matter, think about which really inspires you for that glamorous look. All homeowners want the glamour in their homes, without having to purchase everything that’s displayed in the showroom. Yes that thought is completely comprehensible. So how can you achieve this look? Here’s how to do it.
Go metalYes, you may have noticed that these home décor showrooms have more than a hint of metal displayed in them. This emphasis on metal is need for you to achieve that glamour look. It’s also one way to achieve the mirror look without having to attach too many mirrors in your living room. Fixing too many mirrors can be quite disturbing and over kill the overall look you’re trying to achieve, but this wouldn’t be a problem by placing metallic objects as décor around your home. For instance you can place metallic vases on top of wooden cabinets for living room.
Go for soft candle romanceCandles and more candles are sure to do the trick in glamourizing up your home. Notice the soft lighting that emits from candles when you walk in to hotels and home décor stores, play it safe by setting it up in spaces where it will make your living room feel more luxurious. Level it up placing tall candelabras on top of wooden cabinets for living rooms and light up those lovely candles for romantic lighting.
Patterns play it allGeometric designs and damask prints go well together. However don’t go overboard unless you want your home to look too distracting to the overall aesthetics. Glamorous doesn’t mean an overdose of patterns. Therefore have a special attention for texture more than pattern. It’s sure to win you over, check this modern furniture in Hong Kong.
Let your pillows do the talkingPile up on different textures of pillows. In empty spaces, pillow has the ability to remain the star player. Layer your luscious sofas with pillows in different sizes, colors and textures for a wild spin. If you have earthy colored sofas you can glam it up with simple white pillows in different textures. If you have white sofas place pillows in contrasting colors. Most modern homes have zero clutter. So make sure you keep disposing items that you don’t need or haven’t used for a certain period of time.

Make Sure You Plan Your Vacation Well

It is important to plan your pre-vacation days

Leaving on vacation is a very exciting and thrilling time. We spend ages planning out our holidays and deciding where we would like to go. We then spend more time on packing our bags and making sure that we have all the things we will need from clothes to medication to cameras safely packed away in our bags. We also think ahead about our accommodation and travel options after we reach the destination for our vacation. Thus, a lot of thought and planning goes into making sure that our vacation goes by smoothly without any hiccups and that we have a memorable and lovely time. However, there are various things that we have to plan and accomplish before we set off on holiday. It is equally important to plan our pre-holiday chores in order to make sure that we can enjoy our holidays peacefully and come back to a safe and tidy home.

Keep your home safe while you are away

It is very important to do the rounds of our house before we leave on vacation to make sure that we do not leave any doors or windows open especially if we are going to be away form a long period of time. It is always good to make sure that the house is safely locked and secured. This will prevent the possibilities of robbers, thieves and trespassers from entering our premises and causing a lot of trouble and wreaking havoc in our homes. Further, you will have to make sure that you lock up your stores of food and dry rations securely to protect them from rats and insects. You can undertake rodent control measures to prevent invasion into your food stores.

You can go for trusted rodent control options that will keep your food stores safe and in good condition till your return form vacation.

Let in a breath of fresh air

Next, it would be advisable to clean out your refrigerator before you leave. This will prevent your refrigerator from giving out a foul stench which can pervade your house. Therefore, make sure that you take necessary steps to avoid being greeted by an unpleasant odour upon your arrival. Further, it will be good if you can ask your neighbours or some friends to come in often and air the house and open the doors and windows to let in some fresh air. This will cleanse your house from any air pollutants which can make the atmosphere unpleasant when you return. Therefore, remember that as much as you put in a lot of time and effort to plan your holidays and ensure their success, it is equally important to make sure that you take measures to keep your home safe till your return.

4 Tips On Starting A Container Garden

You might be looking at ways of starting a container garden. There are several options out there for you choose from too. You will have to invest in some plants of different colors and sizes. You will also have to focus on buying the right tools in order to complete the job on time too. Here are some tips on how you can start your very own vegetation unit in containers or buckets:

Start the garden space with herbs

It is important that you start the space with some herbs. You can grow tomatoes and squashes later. They are expensive at the grocery store but you will have to pay only for the seeds to grow them at home. You can keep them on your porch or patio and cut off a little bit at a time when you need to use some. You can also keep some rosemary and mint on the side for use. They will work well in large pots or containers. Start small and build as you go along. You can grow some thyme and oregano which will add a lot of flavor to your pizza or pasta too! You can even try growing some in garden pots  and place them indoors in a courtyard space. Some herbs need more water like rosemary and thyme while parsley will need very little to flourish.

Grow some lettuce!
Lettuce is a good food source. Lettuce and several other green plants grow back once you cut them off from the top. You can pick a low or shallow tray and plant some lettuce seeds. In two weeks you can cut the leaves out and use some of it in a nicoise or caesar salad for an extra punch! You can even stir fry other greens and arugula for a spicy green meal. Keep in mind to water the tray of lettuce as it can dry out fast!

Use big pots

It is crucial that you use large garden pots and discover more by browsing our site or any other big pot you can find. Small plastic containers are good too but you will have to spend time replanting them.  You can even get big varied quantity of plants as well. You must try to plant at least 3 per herb jar which will look great when you look at it from your counter.

Think about lighting

It is important that you have your lighting figured out! Think about whether your plants bloom during what period of time. You must think about the times when it is bright and when there will be a lot of shade too. You must try to move the containers accordingly around the space. Plants like basil, strawberries and tomatoes will need a lot of sun.

Think about starting a small container garden first before you branch out into a bigger space!